• About Us

    Who are we?

    We are a couple who have spent the last decade renovating and improving several houses from wrecks to stylish contemporary homes for ourselves.

    Our Background

    Tina has a background in Graphic Design, Display and Publishing.

    Aidan studied Architecture for 6 years acquiring two degrees in the subject along the way.

    Why not?

    For many years we have recieved compliments from visitors and friends on what we have achieved with some "challenging" properties.

    We decided to turn our passion in to an opportunity that helps others do the same.

    Do It Yourselves

    Over the years we have taken on more and more ourselves and aquired skills we thought beyond us - We know that you could do this too and we will show you where to start.


    As we intend to offer a personal service we will only be offering consultation in clients homes within 35 miles of Belper Derbyshire.

    We could arrange telephone or E-mail consultation for a slightly reduced fee but you will need to do some of the legwork.

    Why Girraffehouse?

    We christened our self built shed "The Giraffehouse" due to its leggy proportions.

    We realised that a giraffehouse is a building uniquely designed to suit its occupants 

    and this is our aim for our customers.